Runaway Dog Returns To Favorite Mall After 3 Months Alone


Coco, the 3-year-old dog, loves life. His dad, Rustico Samson Jr., and his dad’s brother always spend as much time with the little pup as they can. When one of them is away, Coco stays with the other. So, the little dog always has someone to keep him company.

Yet, even the happiest dogs can get curious at times. One day, Coco followed Samson’s brother to work, but the little pup got lost along the way. Samson and his brother spent all their time searching for him with no luck. It wasn’t until three months later that they finally found hope.

Coco Comfortable
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The Search for Coco

Before Coco went missing, he spent a lot of time protecting his humans. Samson and his brother live right next to each other in Taguig City in the Philippines, so Coco enjoyed going in between the two homes. As long as his family members were near him, he felt like the luckiest pup in the world.

“Coco always sleeps at my brother’s house or when he is not home, Coco watches over my brother’s apartment, which is situated just beside my house,” said Samson. “My brother does not have children, and sometimes his wife is not at home, so he always invites Coco to accompany him at night.”

But Coco’s bond with Samson’s brother is likely what got him into trouble. His brother biked to the mall, which is where he works as a security guard. Coco chased the bike but got lost along the way. Samson thinks that his little dog likely got distracted by other dogs, which caused him to get lost.

Coco and his dad
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Samson and his brother searched for Coco every time they went out. They also turned to social media for help, but nothing seemed to work. Samson was worried that sweet Coco was lost forever.

Reunited at Last!

Luckily, after three months of searching, Samson’s cousin spotted a dog on the run, which looked a lot like Coco. The pup was at the mall where Samson’s brother works, so it couldn’t have been a coincidence. Samson’s cousin took a video of the dog and sent it to Samson. At first, Samson was unsure if the dog really was Coco, but he decided it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

Right away, Samson rushed to the mall to see if Coco was there. Sure enough, the dog in his cousin’s video was Coco! Coco ran to his dad and whined happily. Someone captured an adorable video of the reunion, and Samson shared it on Facebook. It’s clear that Coco missed his loving family members very much.

Coco reunited
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Sadly, Coco was in rough condition, which implied that his time alone hadn’t been great. His thighs and arms were swollen, and he had mange on his body. Samson wanted to help Coco heal more than anything, but he was short on money due to the coronavirus. He’s a painter, but he has had very little work amid the pandemic.

But true dog lovers don’t let each other suffer. Many people on social media reached out to help Samson and Coco after watching their reunion video. So, despite all the hardships the family has been through, they’re going to be just fine as long as they have each other. Samson hopes his story will inspire others to always treat dogs like the family members that they are.

Watch the Emotional Reunion Here:

WATCH: Runaway dog reunites with owner in Taguig after 3 months

Via Be An INQUIRERWATCH: Coco, a 3-year-old runaway dog that went missing for three months, has been found safe and has finally reunited with its owner Rustico Samson Jr. after wandering miles away from his home in Taguig City.In the video, Coco can be seen running toward its owner and whining with joy like a child separated from his parent for a long time.📹: Rustico Samson Jr. FULL STORY: an interesting story, photo or video to share? Message us here: #BeAnINQUIRER

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