Skipper’s sweet msg after rescue


A skipper and his little dog Chewy have been rescued after their yacht crashed into rocks on the far south coast of NSW yesterday.

He thanked the police for puling himself, his dog and his boat from the rocks in a video, saying he “thought it was a goner”.

“You’ve saved our home, both me and Chewy,” he said cuddling his dog.

Eden Water Police were called to Twofold Bay at Eden yesterday with reports a yacht had come into trouble at the rocks. The skipper, 54, and his dog were rescued by Marine Area Police and taken on-board a police vessel — the yacht was later towed away from the rocks.

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The skipper and Chewy were both brought ashore to dry off.

NSW Police said the yacht had suffered “structural damage”.

Eden is a small coastal town, about 478km south of Sydney — and is the most southerly town in NSW.

Twofold Bay has the third deepest natural harbour in the southern hemisphere, according to a local tourist guide. The bay is known to attract humpback whales.



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