Heartwarming Vintage Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II And Her Royal Corgis


Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgis are the perfect dynamic duo. They go together even better than peanut butter and jelly, and it has been that way her whole life. She grew up with Corgis always by her side, and she didn’t hesitate to keep them in her life as she got older.

Many of Queen Elizabeth II’s vintage photos are of her surrounded by cute little dogs! In fact, she’s had over 30 Corgis during her time as queen. It’s the type of legacy that all royalty should strive to follow.

Queen Elizabeth II and Corgis
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

Sadly, the Queen’s last Corgi named Willow passed away in 2018. This occurred after her decision to stop breeding Corgis in 2015. Her reasoning was that she didn’t want to pass away while her dogs were still alive. After all, the pups would likely be heartbroken.

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How much have Corgis really influenced Queen Elizabeth II’s life over the years? Here are 13 vintage photos showing a younger Queen Elizabeth II with her loyal canines.

#1 – Even at a young age in the 1930s, Queen Elizabeth II loved to cuddle with her Corgis.

Young Queen Elizabeth
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

#2 – The first two Royal Corgis were named Dookie and Jane, one of which is pictured here.

Dookie and Jane Corgis
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#3 – For her 18th birthday, she got her very own Corgi named Susan.

Susan the Corgi
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#4 – Susan later became the mother to many of Queen Elizabeth II’s other Corgis, which is why the Queen often had multiple dogs at a time. 

Queen with Royal Corgis
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#5 – She also had a few “Dorgis” throughout her life, which are Dachshund and Corgi mixes.

Dorgi or Corgi
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#6 – Somehow, she always managed to walk multiple Corgis without their leashes getting tangled!

Walking royal Corgis
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

#7 – And the Corgis never missed out on a family photo, even though it was difficult to get everyone to look at the camera.

Corgi family photo
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

#8 – They were even included in the more professional photos.

Corgi Professional Photo
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#9 – After all, they were a part of the family just as much as the humans were.

Royal Family
Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

#10 – Through every stage in her life, a Corgi was always by her side.

Queen Elizabeth Corgi Portrait
Image: @corgisofqueen/Facebook

#11 – Her Corgis always looked up to her too.

Royal Corgi Admiration
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

#12 – Back in the day, Queen Elizabeth II without her Corgis would be like a dog without their favorite toy. They were always together.

Queen and Corgis
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

#13 – And it’s all because she got the opportunity to grow up beside these amazing little dogs.

Young Queen Elizabeth II
Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

It’s sad that the reign of Corgis is coming to an end, but this isn’t the last we’ll see of royal dogs. Many other dogs have been a part of the royal family, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s black Lab. Dogs make our lives whole, and clearly, Queen Elizabeth II knows that better than anyone.

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Featured Image: @RoyalFamily/Twitter



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