Adorable Doxie Just Wants To Be Home In Bed


Few things feel better than laying in bed. All the best things happen in bed and all the worst things can be cured by being in bed. Breakfast in bed happens in bed. Rainy mornings are best enjoyed under your sheets. Need a good cry? Climb into bed, pull the blankets over your head, and have at it. The best thing of all might be coming home after a long day and just curling up in bed. And this little Doxie agrees!

King is a Miniature Dachshund living in Australia with his mom – and his warm, cozy bed. In this cute dog video shared at, this eager pup and his mom are just about to get off the elevator. King’s mom knows exactly what is about to happen, and she has her phone ready because King does this everyday!

The moment the elevator door slides open, King’s little legs run for the door to their apartment. He waits with an impatient wiggle for mom to catch up and let him in so he can be reunited with the thing he loves most in their home – his bed! Who knew such little legs could move so fast?!

This pup loves to live in comfort. His Instagram is full of posts of him lounging in his fuzzy little blue bed because he loves to spend so much time in it! It’s not just the bed, though. King seems to love the softer things in life.

Here he is as a teeny puppy, resting in fuzz.


And here, in a big fluffy comforter.


Whatever he’s sinking into here looks super soft. Now I want a nap.


“Do you mind? I’m burrowing here.”


Surrounded by toys and lounging on blankets. King has it made!


And when there are no soft things to sink into nearby? Improvise.


His love of soft things isn’t limited to just surfaces he can sleep on. Look at how cozy King looks in his fuzzy flannel shirt!


And if this picture of King in his pajamas doesn’t make you melt, check your pulse!


Follow King on Instagram for more pics of this doxie getting cozy, and for more cute dog videos, click over to!

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