Six Dessert Dog Names to Consider for Your Furry Friend

Find out which dessert dog names you may want to name your new puppy.

If you’ve recently brought home a new pet, you may be looking for the perfect name. Chances are there’s nothing as adorable as your new dog or puppy, so why not take some inspiration from a sweet treat. With over 500,000 Trupanion pets in our system, more than 1,400 pets may be inspired by a dessert. Read on to learn more about which dessert dog names to consider for your new best friend.

Dessert dog names to consider for your puppy


A Brownie is a classic baked good found in homes year-round. With 895 Trupanion pets named Brownie, this chocolate treat takes the cake for the top dessert dog name.


Cupcakes are known for being sweet. With 292 Trupanion pets named Cupcake, these furry friends certainly don’t disappoint.


If you’ve got a special pet at home, why not consider a unique dessert dog name. With 188 Trupanion pets named Toffee, it sure is a special way to commemorate your best friend.


Nothing says the holidays like Cheesecake! With eight Trupanion pets with the name cheesecake, it certainly feels like the reason for the season.

5.Sugar Cookie

This classic delight may be the perfect name for your new best friend. With five Trupanion pets named Sugar Cookie, these furry friends bring joy to every home.

6.Pecan pie

A slice of pie can make your day. So with three Trupanion pets named Pecan pie, we’re sure that they’re the life of any party!

Dessert dog names for the sweet new puppy in your life

Whether you have a puppy, dog, or multi-pet household, there’s nothing sweeter than the love and friendship of your furry friend. From everything to a Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, and Shi Tzu’s, dessert dog names may be a great option for your new furry friend!

What are some of your favorite dessert-inspired pet names? For more on pet names, read Eight Sweet Pie-Inspired Pet Names

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