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Anyone who owns a pet can vouch for their pet’s ability to make them laugh or comfort them in times of stress.

A recent study conducted by the University of South Australia revealed that 90 per cent of pet owners surveyed said that touching their pets both comforted and relaxed them and the pets seemed to need it as well.

Pets provide us with comfort, companionship and a sense of self-worth.

In a survey by Animal Medicines Australia it was revealed there is an estimated 29 million pets in Australia, outnumbering humans which is an estimated 25 million.

The most popular pet is a dog, with 40 per cent of households owning at least one, followed by cats at 27 per cent.

However, despite this love and dedication they show us they aren’t able to offer the same level of dedication to the housework.

Cat and dog hair, general odour and bad breath, kitty litter, dropped food and water plus walking dirt, mud or leaves inside are just some of the messes that come along with the fun of owning a pet.

Luckily there are plenty of easy ways to combat these issues.

Prevention is better than cure. Put a blanket or sheet over furniture if your pet sits on the lounge or buy them their own bed and teach them to sit on it. This might be hard for some, especially if your pet is already accustomed to sitting next to you on the lounge. When hair does end up on furniture the best way to combat it is lint roller, rubber brush and vacuum. Vacuuming or sweeping regularly around the house will prevent any hair gathering in corners. If you can afford one a robot vacuum is perfect for this job.

Again stop it before it starts. Wash your pet regularly when needed or use pet wipes when they just have some spots of dirt. A wet cloth works fine. Don’t wash your pet too often as overwashing can cause irritation and make sure you’re using a gentle shampoo. While any store-bought air fresheners will work fine a cheap and effective alternative is white vinegar and water. Spray this on your pet’s bed and anywhere an odour might be lurking. The vinegar will kill the bacteria causing the smell and the smell of the vinegar will dissipate after a few minutes. Use less water for a more effective spray.

Support: Pets offer comfort but they do make some mess. Pictures: Shutterstock.

Support: Pets offer comfort but they do make some mess. Pictures: Shutterstock.

Kitty litter

Ensure you are using a good quality kitty litter and empty it regularly. There are also kitty litter trays you can get with covers to help prevent the smell spreading and also prevent your cat from flicking litter across the room.

Food and water

Feeding your pet outside will prevent any food mess inside but if this isn’t an option using a placemat for your pet is the next best option. There are plenty of different sizes on the market, many offering a rubber surface so bowls will grip and not tip over so easily. Placing the water bowl on a similar mat will at least prevent water from spilling on the floor.

Muddy paws

You can actually train your dog to wipe their paws before they come inside. If you’re not this savvy with training a quick wipe with a towel will suffice. Just get your dog used to waiting before they run straight inside.

From the Animal Medicines Australia survey 90 per cent of pet owners said pets had a very positive impact on their lives while only three per cent said pets impacted them negatively.

The main perceived downside of pet ownership is organising care while away from home.



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