Why this is the web’s most popular dog


All dogs are stars but if you fancy one who will set the internet on fire, you might like to consider a Golden Retriever.

Firstly, they’re sweet natured and beautiful to look at but it turns out they’re also celebrities in the making especially when it comes to video sharing platform TikTok, where Goldies have garnered 9.2 billions views.

If you’re not yet across it, TikTok has become hugely popular in the past couple of years, with millions of people using the app to get their daily fix of the web’s favourite commodity — cute dog videos.

In fact there have been over 120 billion views of dog videos on TikTok to date. But it seems some dog breeds are much more popular on this social media site than others.

According to research carried out by money.co.uk, first dog out of the blocks is the Golden Retriever, next is German Shepherd Dogs and then Chihuahuas.

These four-legged friends are not just popular, they’re also professionals earning thousands of dollars.

Indeed Pomeranian @jiffpom is said to be raking in as much as $15,000 per video. and Goldie @tuckerbudzyn, who has close to eight million followers and more than 134 million likes is thought to receive $6000 per clip. (Both dogs are Instagram superstars too – with the same account handles there.)

Clearly, there’s no harm in having a crack.

That said senior vet nurse Crystal Bulmer says it’s important to understand pets are for life and should be treated as family members not simply a way to earn cash.

“Certain breeds are trending right now,” she said.

The Most Viewed Dog Videos on TikTok According to Breed Hashtags*:

1. Golden Retriever – 9.2 billion views

2. German shepherd – 4.3 billion views

3. Chihuahua – 4.1 billion views

“But if you’re going to buy a dog you should choose one that suits you and your lifestyle rather than choose a breed that’s popular.”

4. Pug – 3.6 billion views

5. Rottweiler – 3.2 billion views

6. Pomeranian – 3.1 billlion views

7. French Bulldog – 2.8 billion views

8. Labrador – 2.6 billion views

9. Poodle – 2 billion views

10. Great Dane – 1.7 billion views

11. Siberian Husky – 1.4 billion views

12. Samoyed – 1.2 billion views

13. Border Collie – 1 billion views

14. Sprollie – 872 million views

15. Beagle – 737 million views

16. Chow Chow – 617 million views

17. Shih tzu – 600 million views

18. Australian Shepherd – 515 million views

19. Newfoundland – 511 million views

20. Bernese Mountain Dog – 409 million views

* According to money.co.uk

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