Are You Ready For A Safe Summer? Test You Knowledge On Common Summer Dangers!


When you think of summer, do you think of the beach? Sand? Sun? It’s a great time to take a road trip with your dog, explore the great outdoors, or just relax inside and enjoy the simple pleasures of air conditioning.

We love summer, but when you’re picturing sandcastles and campfires, don’t forget that dangers are lurking out there that can harm your dog. Don’t obsess – but when you’re having fun, keep in mind that there are pests, plants, and other things that you should keep an eye out for. These things are real, and so are the consequences – and it’ll be your pup that’ll pay the price if you’re not taking precautions.

Whatever you do with your pup this season, make sure you’re prepared for common summer dangers that come along with this sensational season.

How’d you do? Do you need to brush up? Here are a few links with more information to help you out if you’d like to learn more – or maybe just improve your score!



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