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Happiness: Residents at Moran Aged Care love it when pets pop in for a visit. Photos: Supplied

Happiness: Residents at Moran Aged Care love it when pets pop in for a visit. Photos: Supplied

Visitors at Moran Aged Care are an important part of residents’ wellbeing and when those visitors come with their own furry coat, there are smiles all around.

Family members from all generations are welcomed into Moran homes (when COVID restrictions allow) but the visitors who usually get the most attention are well behaved pets.

General Manager Moran Engadine, Mary Gibbs noted that sometimes when new residents move into the home, either on respite or permanently, they leave behind a pet who they miss dearly.

“To remedy this, we encourage family members to bring their pets for a visit as often as they can,” said Mrs Gibbs.

“We have plenty of beautiful outdoor gardens, balconies and terraces in our home that are perfect for pet visits but indoor visits are common too.

“For residents without their own pet, Moran organises ‘pet therapy’ visits with dogs who seem to have no end to their love of being patted and who sit peacefully with any resident.”

General Manager Moran Sylvania, Lorraine Kelly added: “We have had cats, birds and, in honour of Melbourne Cup Day, a pony visit. The look on our residents’ faces was priceless.

“The benefit to our residents is so clear. They are more relaxed and happier after pet therapy visits.

“It has been reported that in Australia up to 40 per cent of aged care home residents do not receive regular visitors, a statistic we are determined not to reach in Moran Homes.

“For family members who find visiting their loved one in aged care difficult, bringing a pet along with them breaks the ice, puts everyone at ease and is a great talking point.

“It encourages reminiscing about favourite pets and the heart-warming stories that go with them. This is something that is very important as we age.”

For more information on Moran Aged Care, please phone them on 9548 7780 or 1300 544 944 or visit their website at

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Patting a pony

Patting a pony

Delighted by the doggy

Delighted by the doggy



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