The Healthy Hound Newsletter #68


In This Issue

● Urinary Tract Infections
● Lumps & Bumps
● Brain Damage At Routine Vet Visit
● Do Dogs Understand Speech?
● Dangerous Dog Food
● Canine Sun Protection

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

UTIs are no fun, especially for dogs who only have access to their “bathroom” when a human is around to let them outside. Sadly, this painful condition is one of the most common infectious diseases in dogs.

Caused by bacteria, UTIs are more common in older dogs, those that are overweight, and even specific breeds.

Find out the signs, treatments, and how you can help prevent UTIs in your dog.

Older dogs are more likely to act aggressively due to pain and sensory impairments like hearing and vision loss. Be respectful of their changing needs.

CBD Beef Meatball Treats For Dogs

Got a picky pup? Cannanine CBD Beef Meatball Treats For Dogs are the perfect way to give your dog CBD without all the mess and fuss.

Packed with nutrient-dense Texas beef and infused with 5mg of CBD per meatball, your pooch will love taking his daily dose!

Learn more and try your first bag here.

What percentage of growths on dogs turn out to be cancerous?

  1. 20 – 40%
  2. 41 – 60%
  3. 61 – 80%

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

What Every Dog Parent Should Know When They Find Lumps On Their Dog

It is always frightening to find a new lump or bump on your dog’s body. While it is normal to fear the worst, less than half of biopsied growths turn out to be malignant or cancerous.

There are several other reasons your dog may have a new or changing growth, but it is always best to seek veterinary attention to be sure.

Here’s what to expect from your visit as well as the most common types of lumps and bumps vets diagnose in dogs.

Perfectly Healthy Dog Suffers Fatal Brain Damage Following Routine Vet Visit

A heartbreaking incident occurred earlier this month at a veterinary clinic in Georgia. A healthy 3-year-old Italian Mastiff named Draco arrived for a routine visit and ended up with terminal brain damage.

Draco’s owner acknowledges that her dog was difficult to work with, but it seems the staff may have gone overboard with their restraint techniques.

Read Draco’s story and form your own opinion as to what happened in this tragic case.

Dog prone to sebaceous cysts? Keep him well-groomed and try adding healthy fats, such as omega-3s.

How Much Of What You Say Can Your Dog Really Understand?

We know that dogs are tuned into our emotions through our body language and tone of voice. But have you ever wondered how many of our words they actually understand?

All dog parents are guilty of talking to our pups, and their reactions often seem to indicate their understanding. So…

Just how much of our chatter do they really comprehend?

This Common Type Of Food Is Dangerous For Your Pet

by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

Limited ingredient diets made with “novel” proteins such as rabbit, venison, and whitefish are all the rage for dogs with food sensitivities. But research suggests that fish-based diets may do more harm than good.

Despite the lean protein and healthy omega 3s dogs get from fish, there is also a high risk of mercury, DDT, and other contaminants.

Find out which fish to avoid and which your dog can safely enjoy.

Yes, Dogs Can Get Sunburned. What To Know To Keep Your Pup Safe.

Just like people, dogs can get sunburned and develop other complications associated with sun exposure, including skin cancer.

Certain breeds are more at-risk than others. Do you know how to protect your pup from sun-related medical issues?

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Quiz Answer:

1. 20 – 40%. According to, only 20% to 40% of submitted samples are reported to be malignant.




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