The Healthy Hound Newsletter #69


In This Issue

● Healthy Things To Sneak Into Your Dog’s Food
● How To Shop For Pet Insurance
● Dog Euthanized Without Permission
● Labs Deemed “Naughtiest Breed”
● The Heartbreaking Reality Of The Vet Field
● 5 Ways To Fight Fall Allergies

12 Things To Sneak Into Your Dog’s Food To Boost Their Health

Good nutrition is essential for your pup’s health, but many pet parents don’t know exactly what’s in their dogs’ food – or what isn’t.

Even a well-rounded diet may not be enough for active dogs, seniors, or those with special needs. That’s where supplements, vitamins, and healthy items from nature come in.

Try sneaking these 12 additives into your dog’s food to boost their health!

Take The Guesswork Out Of Pet Insurance – Compare Multiple Plans In One Place!

Pet health care can be expensive, and Pet Insurance is a great way to save on vet bills. is the smartest way to find the best plans and best prices for your fur-family member. Get a quote today!

Expect the unexpected – accidents and illnesses can happen at any time – and be quite costly – pet insurance can help you provide the best care no matter the cost.

Pet Insurance: Simplified – How do you know which plan is the right match for your pet? Don’t underestimate the importance of shopping around. That’s where we come in! We help you compare and evaluate the best plans, options and prices, quickly and easily.

The Smarter Way to Shop! – Now more than ever, it pays to shop and compare. At we take the guesswork out of buying pet insurance. It’s fast, free and all in one place! Use our smart shopping tool to:

  • Compare multiple plans from top providers
  • Get expert insight to make sense of the options
  • Receive customized, no-obligation quotes
  • Save time and money

Which medical profession has the highest rate of suicide?

  1. Oncology
  2. Nursing
  3. Veterinary Medicine

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

Animal Control Euthanized This Dog Without The Family’s Permission

When Erin Bulfin’s rescue dog Daisy bit her young daughter, she did the responsible thing and filed a report with animal control. The child’s injury was minor and came about when Daisy became protective of a toy.

While most dogs quarantine at home after a bite incident, Bulfin says her local animal control insisted on taking Daisy into their facility. Instead of quarantining the dog, they euthanized her less than one hour after Bulfin dropped her off.

Learn more about the shocking details of this case here.

Labradors Deemed The “Naughtiest Breed” In New Study

Labrador Retrievers have made the top 10 on the American Kennel Club’s Most Popular Breeds list for 50 years running – often taking top honors. But as much as we adore them, most Lab-lovers can admit, these pups can be quite naughty! gathered over 20,000 owner opinions for a study determining which breeds exhibit the worst behaviors.

Find out how Labs misbehaved their way to the Naughtiest Dog title!

The Heartbreaking Reality Of Working In The Veterinary Field

by Amber LaRock, LVT

Veterinary professionals are facing a mental health crisis. These selfless caregivers obtain just as much education as doctors, but work for far less pay and face extreme physical and emotional hardships.

Statistically, veterinarians and vet techs have the highest rate of suicide of all medical professions, ranking just under police officers in terms of suicide prevalence.

Find out the issues your vet and staff deal with every day, and how YOU can help.

5 Ways To Fight Fall Allergies In Dogs

For many dogs, fall brings relief from their summer allergies. But for others, the cooler weather means a whole new host of itch-causing irritants.

Falling leaves, changing moisture levels, and autumn-growing plants can all cause problems if you don’t stay vigilant.


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Quiz Answer:

3. Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarians come in just behind police officers for professions with the highest suicide rates.




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