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1 / 1 Shaival Desai (inset) says the multi-speciality hospital will share 50% treatment cost for strays if someone brings them there

He lost his pup to a stomach complication diagnosed too late. Now he has built a fully equipped hi-tech hospital for pets to ensure that no one has to endure the pain of losing their pets the way he did.
Shaival Desai, 29, a mechanical engineer running a tech company, can never forget October 27, 2020 when Buddy, his white retriever pup breathed his last. “Veterinarians assured me that he will come around. But the assurances turned out to be false. I may have shown Buddy to probably every vet in the city but could not save him.”
It took a while before it occurred to him that he should start a hospital for pets but it did finally take shape as BestBuds, a multi-speciality hospital that will offer all treatments for pets on a no-profit basis. Desai’s special facility is close to his heart. “I want to make sure that no one loses his best buddy due to lack of adequate treatment. This hospital is dedicated to Buddy and so the name BestBuds.”
At present the facility boasts of a DR X-ray room that takes x-rays from all angles, a dental station, a small surgery room with a “V” operating table that helps keep the pet’s body warm during surgeries and an anaesthesia gas evaporator. It also has a ventilator for dogs, a first for Gujarat, Desai told Mirror. “Most pets die due to excessive anaesthesia. Even if the chances of survival are 95%, vets say it is 50%. This is because of excessive anaesthesia. The equipment we have regulates the gas at levels that pets can sustain.”
The facility also has a grooming centre where the best pet groomers of the city will work and a dermatological bath area to take care of fleas, ticks and a hydraulic tub that will help avoid cross infection.
“This will be a one-stop centre for all treatments for pets,” said Desai. He has realised that most veterinarians are one-man armies who can’t meet the challenges of complex surgical procedures with multiple inputs.
BestBuds provides treatment to all pet dogs, cats, birds, turtles, tortoises, rabbits, squirrels. “Indi dogs will be provided treatment if someone brings them here. I have seen how most people believe that their responsibility is over after they make a phone call and expect NGOs to take over. I want more commitment from people when it comes to strays. A 50% contribution towards their treatment will help. We will take care of the rest 50% in case of strays.”
The hospital’s Dr Krubal Patel is a Masters in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology and Dr Divyes Kelawala is a PhD in Veterinary Surgery.



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