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With the holiday season underway, here are 3 informative articles detailing harmful festive hazards to pets.

With the holiday season afoot, many clients who celebrate are rolling out popular traditions to enjoy with friends and family, not realizing the dangerous effects some may have on their beloved pets. To ensure your patient’s safety during the festivities, we have selected 3 articles detailing the most common toxins many pets are exposed to this time of year, tips for educating clients on potential hazards, and much more.

From the top 3 notorious pet holiday hazards to bear in mind to tips and tricks on educating clients about festive items that pose health risks to their companion animals—there’s something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. Don’t eat that!: Top 3 pet holiday hazards: From the dangers of caffeine and chocolate to poisoning from plant-based items, discover some of the common hazards pets can ingest during the holidays.
  2. Educating clients about common holiday hazards: Curb the last-minute ER calls this season by learning how to effectively communicate to clients about festive items that may pose serious threats to their beloved pets.
  3. Pumpkin spice and toxic vice: common fall toxins for pets: Discover potential toxic exposures and health hazards many canines and felines are susceptible to during the fall season ranging from acorns and oaks to antifreeze and beyond.



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