Dog reunited with owner after 12 months


A border collie has been reunited with its owner a year after he was lost and was discovered 150km from his home.

Lost dog Appy disappeared from his home in Adelaide 12 months ago but was found by a council officer from the Mid Murray region in South Australia, who found him in the town of Morgan. When he was found Appy was about 150km from home, according to Adelaide Now.

Dave Burgess, Mid Murray Mayor, said it would have been difficult for Appy to be reconnected with his owners if they hadn’t updated his microchip.

“With the old system it would have been extremely difficult to find Appy’s owner, as he travelled 150kms from his home council across several different council boundaries,” Mr Burgess said.

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Appy was recovered through an online South Australian pet register – Dogs and Cats online – that records microchips, breeder and desexing information. Pet owners can also update the details recorded on their pets microchips at the website.

“Dogs and Cats online has encouraged cross-council collaboration and makes it easy to find owners because you only need to search the one register,” he said.

South Australian law requires all breeders of dogs and cats to register with the Dog and Cat Management Board, and requires pet owners to microchip and desex their pets.

The law, which has been in effect since 2018, helps lost dogs and cats to be returned to their owners in SA.



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