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Through the unlimited potential of video games, real and fictitious animals have found a place on our screens – and in our hearts.

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Loveable horses abound on the frontier of Red Dead Redemption to the tunes of composers Woody Jackson and Bill Elm. The imaginary Chocobo can also be saddled (and cuddled) with Nobuo Uematsu and his orchestral mastery of Final Fantasy.If you want an even bigger pet, turn to the giant mythical beast of The Last Guardian, as you soar upon the music of Takeshi Furukawa.

Then, of course, are the many video game dogs. A hardened one-armed mercenary will soften to the gorgeous one-eyed puppy, D-Dog, in Metal Gear Solid V, underscored by Ludvig Forssell. The stress of fighting violent cults in Far Cry 5 is made a little easier with the company of rescue dogs and Dan Romer’s folk-inspired score. Magical war hounds bring ferocity and fun to Dragon Age, along with the voice of Aubrey Ashburn (who also spends her time painting wildlife).

Not to forget, one of the most loveable video game canines: Dogmeat, the smiling German Shephard bringing brightness into Fallout 4’s bleak dystopia, to the melodies of Inon Zur.

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On this episode of Game Show, Meena Shamaly takes you on a musical walk with a few of the world’s favourite pets in video games.



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